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"We always kept a very professional life at the rink; a lot of people didn't know we were dating.We always had a good relationship, but when we went to Hawaii, our relationship took a different level. Speaking of skaters who are skating for their own personal satisfaction, Kanako Murakami continues to push on despite knowing that her technical content no longer competes with the best in the world, and having tons of trouble putting down clean jumps.On Sunday, Murakami skated her best free skate in a long, long time."I got two perfect men in my life at the same time," Duhamel said.Marcotte said he knew he wanted to marry Duhamel when the couple was on vacation in Hawaii two years ago. We share a lot of different passions about things in our life," Marcotte said.And I’m ecstatic all over again remembering, in the tiniest details, the perfect program of Javier Fernández, who’s now two-time World champion: the Spaniard had the skate of his life in Boston and, at the end of it, his hands on his face in disbelief, I felt like standing up and shouting “Olé!” for this wonderful man who continues to make history for his country.

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