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Petersburg, Russia, dating couple Jill & Thomas returned to the top of the leaderboard while another dating couple, Nick & Vicki, had difficulties completing either side of a difficult Detour as they plummeted into last place. Departing the Pit Stop in first place at pm, doctors Nat & Kat opened their clue instructing them to travel over 1,200 miles by car, train, and plane to St. Once there, teams had to make their way to Vasilievsky Island and find the Rostral Columns.

The following morning at am, all seven teams boarded an overnight train heading to Stockholm, Sweden.

As teams raced to Seoul, South Korea for a spot in the final three, dating couple Nick & Vicki started the leg hours behind and missed the flight carrying the other teams leading to their elimination from the race.

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If he feels like that, then we've got a really long road ahead of us." RUSSIAN CULTURE Landing in St.

The news for the dating couple worsened when the ticket agent told them that the next available flight was on Cathay Pacific departing in the morning at am.

Now facing a nearly insurmountable obstacle, Vicki still maintained hope, saying, "There's not too much more that we can do.

We knew we could do the challenges and make it to the matt.

But we kind of didn’t know the social game would be so strong. After we lied about it once, you can’t say, ‘Just kidding.

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