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some say it started in Santa Rosa Zacatecas Mexico.

May Day’s been and gone, but there’s no need to panic!

Kissing can indicate joy or be used as part of a greeting.

Kissing involves the touching of one's lips to the lips or other body part, such as the cheek, head, hand, of another person.

The less talented you are, the more talking points you’ll have.

Dar Shhh Dating – Gentle Tantra Party Yes, you did just read that correctly!

Disclaimer: Most characters, spells and places belong to J. His opinion of Valentine's Day fell in the same dismal region.

Since his adolescence, when steady girlfriends had been few and far between, he had sustained barely a nodding acquaintanceship with the ridiculous holiday and would have been perfectly happy for things to remain so.

It would be a matter of common sense to purchase a new coat, but, wretchedly shabby though it might be, he couldn't bring himself to discard this one.

Depending on the occasion and the culture, a greeting may take the form of a handshake, hug, bow, nod, nose rub, a kiss on the lips with the mouth closed, or a kiss or kisses on the cheek.

Cheek kissing is most common in Europe and Latin America and has become a standard greeting in Southern Europe.

The planting is varied and exotic, with a mulberry tree dating back to the time of James I of England.

Notable features include a large 19th-century lake which was once recently graced by a flock of flamingoes, and the Waterloo Vase.

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