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2015 Girlieman of the Year Girlieman: Some Dude in China Antics: Taking Gutless off the scale.And while there's a stable of reliable IPAs and browns, BF doesn't treat its fans with kid gloves, as evidenced by challenging brews such as the Mandarin Chief black IPA loaded with oranges. It can be hard to maintain the title of "best brewery" in a state that is arguably becoming the country's best-kept beer secret.In Alabama, none of that even matters, though, if it's not tailgate-ready. Might we recommend the Fence Post session for the long haul? Even so, as an established beer operation at the ripe age of 22, Midnight Sun keeps churning out fan favorites like the Berserker imperial stout and Pleasure Town IPA and racking up medals of the national variety, while the Alaska's Most Wanted series lives up to its name considering the lust offerings like the Brewtality espresso black beer inspire.He was on the Trump train, just in case, but he was very careful to keep a low profile.Last Friday, using Trump's locker room banter as an excuse, Ryan pulled the emergency cord and took off like a scalded dog. He's a political chameleon [a person given to often expedient or facile change in ideas or character].

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