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What we do know is that once the members of Imperial Court caught a whiff, they were hooked.

While the Chinese found smoking tobacco distasteful, snuff, which mixed tobacco with herbs and spices, was believed to have medicinal properties.

It was considered a cure for migraines, and as one high-ranking court scholar wrote, it was "said to be able to improve one's sight, especially to exorcise epidemic diseases." Because snuff was inhaled through the nose, it often caused one to sneeze, which was considered a means of purging illnesses and impurities.

The court, however, did not have access to substantial quantities of snuff until Jesuit missionaries, hoping to gain access to the "Forbidden Kingdom," presented Kangxi, the second emperor of the Qing Dynasty, with an elaborate snuff box in 1684.

Army reestablished schools to provide intensive training in military specialties.

As a result, new army posts were established and to supply those many soldiers, the army contracted with local men to supply buffalo meat to feed the troops.

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