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Why didn’t they notice that someone was uploading a false version of such a well-known app?

I also think that you should be able to start the camera from the i Pad without having to start up the i Phone (that way if your phone got stolen you could see who stole it using the camera).Chances are that you don’t think twice about installing software from the App Store – after all, all the software up there has been verified by “Apple”, right?Well, just because Apple has put in procedures to police their App Store, and – unlike the Google Android platform – pre-approve each app, doesn’t mean that fake or malicious apps have never appeared.This weekend the i Phoneography blog spotted a bogus app posing as the popular Camera application.Fortunately, i Phoneography’s Glyn Evans realised something fishy was afoot and contacted Tap Tap Tap, the real makers of Camera , and asked them to confirm whether the app – which claimed to be “THE MOST AMAZING CAMERA VERSION YET” – was legitimate or not.

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