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By the way, he did a duet with Julianne Hough that was cut from the film but will be on the DVD that was one of my favorite numbers -- "Rock You Like a Hurricane." Adam told me they wanted something raw and gritty and I guess that just opened a can of worms with me and I went with it! He came into this not as a dancer, nor did he want to be. Well, they say you are supposed to have two careers.

His role didn't require the kind of movement that some of the others did. Yeah, one in particular involving Alec sticks with me. There came a moment when he crowd surfs -- you know, just dives right into a crowd of people. Adam and I were laughing so hard we fell off our chairs.

in Chicago, Illinois, USA) is an American porn actress and model.

Michaels was raised with her two brothers near Peoria, Illinois.

The project reunited her with SYTUCD judge alumnus Adam Shankman in the Warner Brothers film that premieres in Los Angeles on June 8, and opens in theaters June 15. I'm known as a serious contemporary choreographer, you know, a serious artist. It's what I listened to in high school -- although the truth is I was more into punk rock. So you have "Rock of Ages" opening in June, and then in July you are making your own big-screen debut as an actress.

And if that wasn't enough, Michaels makes her own acting debut in the dance blockbuster “Step Up 4: Revolution,” set to hit theatres the end of July. But what he is is a work horse and a perfectionist. But Adam said 'we're going to tap into rock and roll and humor' and it totally forced other sides of me to come out as an artist. And, as a 46-year-old, did you find that you connected with the music? I listened to Debbie Harry, the Police, the Ramones. It was like being home again and going back to my teenage years. Yes, I play the director of a dance company in Miami -- the Miami connection again!

In 2002, after her second marriage ended, she chose to make a second film, Making It, which was released by Wicked Pictures.With that in mind, Radio City’s kickline of 36 leggy dancers are now the stars of the show, alongside 20 men, six ensemble players and a handful of other actors, adding up to a cast of about 70 performers.The move from spring to summer, meanwhile, will allow MSG to capitalize on the annual spike in city visitors during hot-weather months, when tourism increases by 30%.She attended Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, before making the decision to relocate to New York City, where she became an exotic dancer.She went on to become a featured dancer, traveling and performing in clubs all over the United States.

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