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on twitter or youtube or instagram or vine or medium (no- not for psychics. But that seems too impersonal and too fancy and too…. I that it’s rumpled and full of thumbtack holes, staples, and scotch tape. Click on the link to see a fun thing about a sad thing: Billy Eichner and David Letterman take to the street to figure out Dave’s next move |

writers) or tumblr or facebook or soundcloud or imdb or on my Birdsong Dreambook blog or on my Big Mama’s Honeymoon Underpants blog or, or, or….

Wanting to impress Sabrina and make something out of himself for Hope, Jimmy sets out to recapture his inexplicable abilities with the help of Virginia, Burt, and Maw Maw.

When Burt informs the family of Sabrina's secret, she introduces them to her father, Cap (Stephen Root).

They then realize that Burt's disappearance wasn't all it appeared to be.

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For a short time in Oct 2011, Martin owned an NYC "balleteria" before it changed hands and eventually closed a short time late.

Who doesn’t giggle at least a little when someone says they have an issue with girls who don’t sit on toilet seats?

But the chit chat about toilet seat covers, whether or not you can actually get an STD from a toilet seat and if the world is covered in a thin layer of feces quickly escalated into a conversation about wealth and class and what it was like to grow up in South Jersey where you marveled at the change your best friend’s family kept in a jar.

In voice-over, he distills the idea to its purest, most circular form: “If I can get over my ex-wife, then a gay person can surely get over being gay.

And if a gay person can’t get over being gay, maybe I can’t get over my ex-wife. And so can a gay person.” This is the essence of Review.

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