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He has brown and yellow fur, whiskers, a black nose, a big mane, and a long tufted tail.

He was the son of the alpha lion, Zuba, and was constantly given lessons on hunting, though he displayed no interest in the activity.

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Mc Grath stated "the basic irony to the story is that, you think animals do belong in the wild, but if they're so accustomed to civility, they wouldn't know where food even came from," and the animals were meant to "love the zoo and to love where they are because they've got" 5,000 square feet (460 m Alex (born Alakay) is an African lion.

Over the past two thousand years the island has received waves of settlers of diverse origins including Austronesian, Bantu, Arab, South Asian, Chinese and European populations.

The majority of the population of Madagascar today is a mixture of Austronesian, Bantu, North Indian, Arab and Somali settlers.

Alex is headstrong, protective and self-proclaimed leader of his friends. He is used to the life of comfort in the zoo, but learns to adapt to the wild. He is a dancer by nature, often impressing others with his aerobatic feats.

He does tend to be a little self-absorbed, often not seeing the problems of others above his own.

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