Johnny borrell dating

Yeah, that’s right – Johnny Borrell was the frontman of Razorlight who were one of the IT bands of the 00s for a short time.

To put it even more into perspective the last Razorlight album that came out in this country in 2008 apparently sold 5 million copies according to Borrell – although he seems to be confusing this with his band’s second album not third, which was critically savaged and The Telegraph assures only sold 2 million copies.

In case you can’t work it out, that means his solo EP sold about 10,000 times less than his actual band by his estimates (or 4000 times less by the Telegraph’s estimation.

This has to be an absolute bummer, even if Borrell claims to not really care because ‘he’s a musician, not a salesman.’ However, despite the fact that Borrell is pretty much a failure now and Razorlight have pretty much been firmly forgotten by the majority of the world (officially they’re just on hiatus now, but would anyone actually give a fuck if they got back together?

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