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Basically, it's a send-up of all the big shoot-em-up Rambo/Robocop/T2/Commando-type movies.

At the very end of the credits you can hear a voice speaking backwards.

The Vanir are only attested in these Old Norse sources.

Vanir is sometimes anglicized to Wanes (singular Wane).

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; singular Vanr) are a group of gods associated with fertility, wisdom, nature, magic, and the ability to see the future.

Meanwhile, we can discover a varied ethnological and historical heritage, including a large number of constructions linked to agriculture and the exploitation of the woodland such as lime kilns, charcoal kilns and charcoal workers' huts, barracas de roter (small stone feudal farmers' huts) and so on, as well as other historical elements such as a granary used for storing the tithes and the "naviform" or boat-shaped dwelling of Ses Sínies, a Bronze-Age archaeological site.

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Before the Council of Trent, the Schoolmen seldom distinguished actual grace from sanctifying grace.

But, in consequence of modern controversies regarding grace, it has become usual and necessary in theology to draw a sharper distinction between the transient help to act (actual grace) and the permanent state of grace (sanctifying grace).

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