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Local legend has it that when Callahan moved to Austin right after a particularly satisfying SXSW festival, he slept in his car in the parking lot of a La Quinta hotel, before finding a house in South Austin.

As it was for the city’s infamous bats, Austin was somewhere Callahan could hide in plain sight – something the determinedly mysterious singer-songwriter is well-versed in.

Searching Joanna Newsome (a very common misspelling of her name) redirects to Joanna Newsom (this article).

I think that's how it should be set up, perhaps adding a disambiguation page to (the currently blank) Newsom page pointing to the two things if it really gets confusing. →smably , 29 August 2006 (UTC) I removed the claim about Joanna calling herself a "harper", based on her quotes in a recent article in The Wire where she claims to have never referred to herself as such: An attribution that's stuck to her is the distinction she is supposed to have made between a 'harper' and a 'harpist'.

Joanna Newsom, a classically trained harpist embraced by an indie aud, has released an ambitious album, “Ys” (Drag City), a five-song cycle that has received considerable acclaim for its orchestral arrangements, courtesy of Van Dyke Parks.

Newsom anchored her 90-minute set by performing the ornate, flowing musical suite that comprises “Ys,” bookending it with a trio of songs from her 2004 release “The Milk Eyed Mender”; it demonstrated a marked evolution between her two albums.

It’s the last place Stevie Ray Vaughan called home before he started living out of hotels and storage lockers, and it’s where you can spot local resident Robert Plant – whom the locals call “Bob” – and his inamorata Patty Griffin walking their two fluffy dogs through the meandrous streets after sundown.Structure of the new work, a complex narrative of love and desire eschewing traditional song structures, illuminated a progression in her skills as a songwriter and confidence as a performer.Without the backing of an orchestra, Newsom and her harp were instead augmented by tambura, banjo, glockenspiel and musical saw.Building to a mesmerizing vocal crescendo, it demonstrated Newsom’s new songs as bigger in scope, more expansive in range and clearly more ambitious.This material makes significantly higher demands of the aud — 15-minute complex metaphorical narratives lacking traditional pop structures — but is all the more rewarding for it.

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