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Yet, despite Chang's statement, Gui Gui was notably absent from their album promotions, and on May 6, 2009, he confirmed her departure from both Hey Girl and Channel V's management.I've been seeing alot of fourm topics about Gui Gui and Wang Zi, and how fans don't like it that Wang Zi is paired with Xiao Xun in "The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries." I've also seen some forums that say Wang Zi and Gui Gui are DATING. cause i they say that wang zi does have a girlfriend and some forums say it's gui gui and others don't mention any names at all.At the start of his life, his prudishness led him to doubt his potential to be an actor.Zhang lingered around Beijing Railway Station to make a short video.Originally gray and nameless, Pon and Zi were named and given colors along with different personalities.Pon, colored yellow, is usually the optimistic instigator, and Zi, colored blue, retains some of the disconnect and apathy found in the first comics.I was an angsty, antisocial junior in high school, and the violent themes of the first comics reflected my disconnect from people.I started dating in December of that year, and as I became less bitter and more cuddly, so did the comics.

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  Pon and Zi are characters in an ongoing illustration series. they were in brown sugar mochiatto and they signed a contract saying they can't be in a relationship. but now that arron yan and guigui are filiming Mi T clue collector, i doubt wangzi will be known as guigui's "boyfriend" or "lover" most likely arron will be rumored now."We are here." Rainie announce once they are infront of the girls dorms building." I know right, we are finally here--" Gui Gui got cut off "Like I said." Rainie repeat"Could you let me finish Rain?? " Rainie ask in suprise "Yup it around the corner." Joe said pointing to the corner in the map.The never eat, but they buy alot of food during lunch and just dump it in the garbage cans later on----" Joe got cut off by Rainie"What their names??" Rainie ask curiously"Oh, the first one is Kingone he the the oldest one, next are Peilin, Michelle, Ethan, Mike, and Wang Zi. Gallegos ask."Sure." Rainie and Gui Gui gave them her pass and schedule.

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