Age gap dating sites

Have you found this rule to be true for you and your partner?

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Some people prefer older men and women for maturity and sexual play.

Some people prefer a much younger man or woman for excitement or virility.

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In fact, since the inception of online dating sites, the people have become more open to unconventional relationships and these no longer continue to be a taboo in the society.Approach The Age Gap We hope that by reading this section on the Age Gap, that your concept and preconceived ideas about swinging with couples your own age will be broadened a little.Too many new couples put restrictions on themselves about matching up with a couple that are the same age as themselves.We've already discussed how a relationship age gap of 10 years or more can increase your chance of having marital problems down the line—but what about setting yourself up for success in the relationship department?As it turns out, there is an ideal age gap to aim for that can increase your chances for everlasting love—and it's a lot smaller than you'd think.

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