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By the time 1.1 million refugees had arrived in 2015, ordinary Germans had grown so tired of playing tolerant host to the intolerant masses incapable of understanding their cultures, respecting their women or western ways, that 66% no longer agreed with Merkel's mantra 'we can do it'.

My father was rather outraged when Nixon won the presidency in 1968, and I was saddened when Reagan beat Carter in 1980.

With her legacy in the balance, she has finally found an issue to fight for. Geboren 1975, ist politischer Autor und Koordinator für Meinungsfragen beim SPIEGEL.

Er lebt in Berlin, in seiner Freizeit schreibt er Romane.

The nearby military bases employed most of the areas professionals, so some of my friends fathers (as well as several of my fathers friends) also worked for the military.

If anything, the political outlook that I was raised with was fairly Cold War, but not too pronounced.

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